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The Hive in Second Life

Hive Second Life teleporterBefore you teleport, just a quick note...

Creative Hive in Second Life is an extension of the Creative Hive community. Creative Hive offers you an opportunity for you to get some of your work into this amazing virtual world and also into MediaCityUK.

If you have used Second Life before and have it installed, then you can teleport straight to the Salford Metaverse. Creative Hive Second Life space is currently situated on the ground level of the Salford Metaverse, across the bridge and opposite the Hub. There is also a Creative Hive teleport point from the base of the Research and Innovation lifts.

Creative Hive would recommend using the new Second Life viewer 2 to fully experience the Hive space media elements. You can download Second Life viewer 2 here if you don't have it.

Once you have installed Second Life, you can:

Teleport to Creative Hive in Second Life