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Elizabeth Peel - University of Huddersfield

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Posted: Apr 03, 2014

Hi Guys,

I have been well at truely stuck in radio silence land for too long! I ended up getting a job (wooop!) but a boring, dead-end one which has drained all my creativiness and motivation! (booo!) So its back to the drawing board! I need to get myself back into doing the things I loved the most and was the reason for signing up here and being just generally awesome! Radio and creativity and ditigial media! So any advice to kick start my brain? I have emailed places for voluntary work and I am looking into apprenticeships in both radio and digital medai, but the only trouble with having a degree that it does prevent me getting to do things which I think are totally awesome and I would love to apply for but I can't because they are aimed at non-graduates. I have tired to look for stuff on the BBC website but alot of things I'd like toapply for are under this catagory. 


So any advice would be great. 


Its great to be back!

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Some many paths, so little experience

Posted: Jun 07, 2012

So uni life is over, the Creative Hive Live has come and gone and life still goes on. Currently within my life, I have started to work on Articulate Storyline in which I have been creating online e-learning material. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a way of making powerpoints and limited learning webpages more interactive and creative for users. So recently my life has been filled with doing Storyline projects and creating new content. So far so good.

On the other hand, I have entered into the real world with nothing more than three years of learning about practitioners and different types of theatre and a whole lot of fluff within my mind. I'm starting to wish I had chosen a degree with could help after uni. That is not to say that I haven't enjoyed uni. Its helped me to realise my passion for radio drama and my ambition to reach it. So overall its not all bad.

So life goes on, and Liz is still here wondering what to do with herself. Maybe some kind person will give her a job! :D Sorry if this has been a rather negative blog. It helps sometimes to get it out tho.


Much more cheerful things to come soon.


Liz x

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Jun 14, 2012 : alexfenton Says:

Very best of luck with the job hunting Liz. Keep us posted with your thoughts and work :)

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The Yellow wallpaper and other stuff

Posted: May 28, 2012

Hey all,


here's a link to my final year radio drama on sound cloud. Please have a listen and give feedback. :)


On another note, one more day til Creative Hive at Media City! Can't wait. Looking forward to all the interesting displays that people will have spent a lot of time and effort putting together.

Now I have finished uni there hasn't been much for me to do. I have begun some creative work on a piece of computer software called articulate storyline which helps to create interactive e-learning content. I am currently updating and re-creating my dad's work's e-learning site, helping them to move with the times, and keeping me occupied. It is good fun and the way that the program is set out is similar to the lay out of creating theatre, which elements begin called actors, the base screen a scene and so on.

For now radio has come to a halt, as I find my feet and get into the world of work and jobs, money and bills (yippy! :/ ) But I hope that I can pick it up sometime soon and carry it on as it is so much fun and I would love to try and make it a job.


That's all for now.

Liz x

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Project stuff

Posted: May 07, 2012

So I have finally finished my university life. My final year project was a bit of a headache to do, as technical difficulties and other stuff made it ten times more problematic to finish, more so than I was hoping for. Never mind though, as it is now handed in and hopefully is done well enough to get me a decent grade to pass uni. The radio drama that I did for my final year project is now up in sound cloud so ill put in the link on my project page if anyone is interested in listening to a bit of amateur radio. Also I am planning to get the other bits of radio that I did over my second year of uni up there so look out for those links which hopefully will be up soon.

The programme is based on a short story called The Yellow Wallpaper. I descided to dramatise it as it has a very interesting storyline and the opportunites of bring that story to life were plenty. Many ideas on how to form it were had, some of which occur in the finished product.

I am wanting to re-write and re-do the programme, so that I can achieve the best from it. As with everything that is reflected on in hynsight, there are elements and pieces which I would like to change. That, though, may have to come at a later stage. Or maybe sooner than I imagine. You never know what the future holds.

So here's to the future, whatever that may bring. (This is sounding more and more like an awards speech! :D)


Comments and feedback on my project are most welcome.



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May 25, 2012 : alexfenton Says:

Well done Liz! Yeah,would be interested to hear your stuff on SoundCloud - its possible to add a link to your post or even embed your soundcloud track into your post using the source button - drop me a line if you need any help.

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HELP! How to get photos up on home page.

Posted: Apr 29, 2012

To anyone and everyone

How on earth do you fill the white box on the home page of the my hive space? I want to stick a photo or two in that spot but after messing about for half an hour trying all the different possible ways, I still cannot find any way of uploading one into that space.

Please help someone. It's driving me bananas!!!

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May 14, 2012 : alexfenton Says:

Hi Liz, welcome to Creative Hive and thanks for your contributions so far. You can add a slideshow to your homepage by logging into your control panel and adding an image to the image bank as type slide and then adding a slide from the left hand menu. Alternatively, you can add a youtube video, twitter feed or many other things to this area. There's more help in the control panel admin section also or email

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Radio stuff

Posted: Apr 27, 2012

Hey all,

So back on the radio waggon again. Currently into my second day of recording my radio adaptaion of 'The Yellow Wallpaper' by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Going well so far. Found that the script that I wrote isn't too bad. The actors seem to like the plot and my tutor said that it fitted together nicely. So all in all, a good start. On the down side, have run out of memory on both my hard drive and memory stick! Bit worried that I won't have the space to save everything. Anyone got any suggestions of online websites which allow you to save sound files, but access them after upload? (I.E I can download the file when I need it off the website.)

I will give a further update to what the script is about after the chaos of recording and editing is over and hopefull upload the finished version the the radio drama.

Very Exciting.


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Apr 28, 2012 : howardellison Says:

Hi, Liz. I'm new to the Hive today and saw your query. You can save quite big files of any kind at YouSendit. It's a 'drop-box' that narrators like myself use for sending off our tracks and even the free version has storage - but you'd need to check out how long it stores. Ordinary email will store quite a bit, too.

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Radio Drama - a passion

Posted: Mar 13, 2012

So for a long time, I have been a keen and avid listener to all types of radio dramas and serials. So many in fact that it is hard to recall most of them. And since coming to uni, I have been given alot of opportunities to develop and expand upon this passion. From producing my own drama series to helping out at radio stations (not doing drama shows but getting to grips with the radio world) and to going to Salford Quays itself to experience the ABBA (Alfred Bradley Bursary Awards) last November. (NB: Quick fact about myself: I am a relative to the forementioned Alfred Bradley. Alfred Bradley was and still is an well known and acclaimed radio producer at the BBC. I believe that there is some of the radio creativity within me which he had within him.)

So as you can see, I have quick alot to go on radio wise. But even though I do have quite a bit under my belt, I know that it is not enough. I need to get that edge but I am not quite sure what that edge is. I seem to find myself with all the opportunities but not knowing what to do with them. It is a bit of a default in me.

But apart from that, I still really want to venture into the world that is the BBC and its Radio Drama department. It is something deep within me which is pulling me towards it (and I have a sneeky suspision that it might be Alfred himself steering me towards it.)

Though I have not said alot in this first blog (because I find it really hard to state what I mean without waffling) you get the idea of where I am coming from, don't you? I hope so.

I will put up some of the drama series I did in uni. They are not the best in the world and I cringe everytime I listen to these because I can tell that they are very ameteur and that they really do to be done again. But if you do listen to them, bare with them. The recording device used was a handheld and there are loads of other factors that make it not the best radio drama.

Thanks for reading this far!


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Mar 13, 2012 : alexfenton Says:

Look forward to having a listen Liz, sounds interesting and a good start in the world of radio. One of my old degree mates went into bbc radio also and loves it and my dad has presented on bbc radio lancs for 20 odd years, which could be interesting contacts for you.

Mar 14, 2012 : liz_p Says:

Thanks Alex for you reply. I will try and get the shows up as soon as possible but may have to put a link to soundcloud as this doesn't seem to allow sound uploads. But I shall get there! I am always interested in contacts in the Beeb and to other people who are linked up to them so anything at all would be great thank you. Regards, Liz

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