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Promoting Good Administration through information

Promoting Good Administration through information

By: jurgencassar

Ombudsmen Institutions can play an important role as ‘communication bridge’ between the administration and citizens. Like any other organisation and institution, communication plays a key role in the overall success.

As other public bureaucracies and institutions, we tend to be in impersonal and more concentrated on the complaint-handling and in someways more complaint-oriented instead of citizen-oriented. This increases the risk of focusing on the bureaucratic aspects of work, forgetting the ordinary human connection, the importance of communicating what our work is about, what we are there for and the difference we can make in citizens’ life in things related to public administration.

Therefore, one essential goal of every Ombudsman institution is to increase the level of communication with the citizens using different ways according to its target audience.

Advocating transparency and freedom of information

Within the much-broadened media landscape, news media still play a central role for ongoing public assessment of the activities of government and other institutions.  Media channels provide a platform for discussion across a range of issues.

According to a report published by a UNESCO High Level Panel on the post-2015 Development Agenda, good governance is understood as a society’s ability to guarantee the rule of law, free speech and open and accountable government.

A society that is guaranteed access to public documents and public decision-making processes can bring conflicts of interest to light and empower citizens with information about development processes. This is greatly supported by Freedom of Information laws that enable the citizens, including the media, to easily access information in the public domain speedily, freely and readily. Freedom of Information laws are increasing around the world, but need improved implementation if they are to contribute to development.

Developing countries have increasingly viewed the implementation of FOI laws as a key tool for promoting good governance and facilitating public participation. Freedom of information has long been recognised as a fundamental human right ever since the UN General Assembly declared in 1946 “Freedom of information is a fundamental human right and a touchstone of all freedoms to which the United Nations is consecrated.”

In practice, an effective FOI law legally enshrines:

•    the public’s right to request information from the government and even private bodies in some cases;

•    the duty on the government to supply the requested information, unless  defined exemptions apply; and

•   the duty on the government to disclose proactively information that is of general  public interest without the need for requests from its citizens.

Ombudsmen Institutions can play a central role in promoting the right to access information. The right for information, as a rule not the exception, strengthen democracies. Ombudsmen should push forward initiatives and proposals that empower citizens and their representatives with mechanisms that give them the right to ask the executive for correct information to be able to judge the acts of the public administration.

In Nordic countries, which are considered as model countries when it comes to FOI legislation, the Ombudsman plays a central role when it comes to refusal of information. If a public authority decides to refuse the access to official documents, citizens can lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman.

Ombudsmen need to have media presence

Through openness and accessibility to media - apart from informing, educating, and promoting its role - the institution can also win public support for its efforts in promoting good administration characterised by fairness, dedication, commitment, openness, transparency and accountability. The Ombudsman institution is to consider media as one of the key stakeholders in its mission. Media plays a large role in shaping public debate.

Of course, media has to be used correctly and one has to keep in mind that misuse can be counter-productive. Ombudsmen's institutions must not make use of the media to assume the role of pressure or lobby group but should use it to promote its role of a defender of the citizens’ right to good administration. Regular media presence can encourage citizens to engage and make use of the institution’s services.

Maintaining a good relationship

Establishing and maintaining good relationships with journalists is an integral part of any effective media outreach campaign. Editors and journalists face a tight deadline each day. Their deadlines should be respected, and information provided should be correct and verified to avoid misreporting. Not all journalists specialise in the areas that are relevant to our audience, therefore journalists who regularly write stories relevant to the subject matter of your media outreach campaign should be identified.

We need to keep in mind that journalists are constantly bombarded with communication materials, even if a news item seems important to us or our institution; it might not be considered newsworthy by our target media outlet. To avoid frustrating them, they should only be contacted only in regards to most urgent communications.


The use of media and other online mediums are indispensable. Special care should be taken when drafting the message and content to be transmitted. Social media platforms and websites, like relationships with media stakeholders, need to be maintained to be successful. Citizens should be continuously guided on the proper usage of such platforms. For example, formal complaints through social media, should not be accepted, but complainants are to be encouraged to use the website, which is more secure and confidential.

Moderation, is another important aspect, at all times, online media platforms should be monitored, and messages that are libellous or inappropriate should be removed.

A good website and an effective social media platform will never substitute traditional media, but will give access to those people who cannot be reached by newspapers and television.

Using social media and new technologies will increase the visibility of every Ombudsman institution.

It will enhance our connection with stakeholders, our interactions with traditional media and will help us to be innovative, approachable, and effective Office.

It will essentially assist us in delivering our service to citizens and in promoting good governance.

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Robert Kennedy College

By: Robert Kennedy College


Robert Kennedy College is online swiss College. In collaboration with Salford University, it offers different courses in MSc marketing. some of these include:

MSc Marketing (Business to Business)

MSc Marketing (Consumer Behaviour)

MSc Marketing (International)

MSc Marketing (Retailing)

MSc Marketing (Services)

These cousres are tailored to meet your personal and organizational  needs. applications in progress!

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Qualities of a good eCommerce Head of Business Development

By: TedHettich

Any new Head of Business Development taking a position at a job in the eCommerce industry should be dynamic in his or her sales and account/partner management skills. It is important to be a strong motivator and very observant, while respecting team development that most managers will work so hard to build over the course of their careers. The new Head of Business Development should maintain focus and have a strong interest in building up the global merchant and/or partner portfolio. The goal here is to impress from day one—while working with the product that your team will help to build up, eagerly push and expand the company towards its destined place on the global eCommerce scene.

Managing quarterly sales, meeting goals, and holding to the department's vision are all crucial in maintaining long lasting and successful business relationships and campaigns. These should be key aspects for any new hire as Head of Business Development. Previous experience gained in former managerial and sales roles would be most beneficial to meeting objectives, especially in focusing team commitment and motivation for task completion during difficult times.

Experienced business travel abroad to meet with potential and existing clients is also needed for a solid Head of Business Development. Representations of a company in business introductions, sales, expositions, and motivated marketing presentations show a high level of utilization of previously gained knowledge and experience. Also, if one were to work in Central Europe as a Head of Business Development, for example—he or she would need both German and English skills to help get the job done.

A Head of Business Development should also cover needs of an independent and responsible team manager in excellent communication, fortitude, passion, and flexibility. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand the importance of discipline, organization, discretion, and maintaining personal bearing under pressure of demanding deadlines. Adding to that, the value and reward of leading an international and cross-cultural team, as well as the reward of achieving long-term goals together, is what awaits any successful Head of Business Development. Based on their understanding of taking up the challenge, any experienced Head of Business Development should bring great value to a new company he or she starts to work for.

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Qualities of a good eCommerce Head of Business Development

By: TedHettich

Any new Head of Business Development taking a position at a new  in eCommerce the eCommerce industry should be dynamic in his or, sales, and account/partner management as well as bing a strong motivator and be observant for respect for team development that most managers will work so hard  to build over the course of their carrers. The new Head of Business Development fin the eCommerce industry should have a strong interests building up the global merchant and partner portfolio. The goal here is to impress from day one—at the product that your team will help to built up and eagerly help push and expand a company towards its destined place on the global eCommerce scene.

Managing quarterly sales, meeting goals, and holding to the department's vison are all crucial in maintaining long lasting and successful business relationships and campaigns. These should be key aspects for a new hire as Head of Business Development in their daily routine at their current position. Therefore, previous experience I gained in former managorial and sales roles would be most beneficial to meeting objectives, especially in focusing on team commitment nad motivation during dufficult times.Experienced bussiness travel abroad a to meet with potential and existing clients representing a company in business introductions, sales, expos, and motivated marketing presentations showing a high level of utilization of previously gained knowledge and experience. Also, for example, to work in Central Europe as a Head of Business Development, one would need both German and English skillls to help get the job done.

A Head of Business development should also cover needs of an independent and responsible team manager  in excellent communication, fortitude, passion and flexibility. Understand the importance of discipline, organization, discretion, and maintaining personal bearing under pressure of demanding deadlines. Furthermore the value and rewarsds of leading an international and cross-cultural team, as well as the reward of achieving long-term goals together with the team he or she is leading. Based on their understanding of the challenge, any experienced Head of Business Development should bring great value to the new company he or she starts to work for.

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University of salford nigerian students online forum

By: shamsudanmadami is an online community for Nigerian students in university of salford to come together in virtual environment to learn, share ideas, and interact with fellow students both on their academic and social lives. The platform will allow students from different disciplines to come together and discuss issues related to their academics, and also contribute their skills and ideas towards the improvement and development of Nigeria. Members can comments on existing threads or they can conveniently create new ones for discussions, which at the end of the day lot of great ideas can be generated which can be of great importance to all of us as individuals and the nation (Nigeria) at large.


To empower and inspire Nigerian students by giving them necessary assistance and collective strength to aid them accomplishes their potentials academically, morally and socially. It is also expected to spread awareness about Nigeria and encourage students to promote the image of Nigeria where ever they find themselves, and also encourage them to be good ambassadors of Nigeria.

The forum will encourage students to have more focus on their academics and will help them to put into practice the knowledge they gain into real life. It will also give them more opportunities to integrate and elaborate on their knowledge. Expose students to many perspectives, ideas and opinions that they are not conversant with before.

Registration is free and simple, you just have to input your, name and email address, and an account is created automatically for the student to communicate on the platform.

You can also sign in through the following social media platform, because social networking sites are quickly becoming one of the top means of communication between students.


Mobile phones are changing the way we communicate as more and more students access the internet, social media and email through their mobile devices, that’s why when designing the website we make sure it’s responsive and can work perfectly on mobile phones, tablets and smartphones.


The website is user friendly and has a number of features that makes it different with other online communities. This includes a web TV channel, discussion forums where students can create threads or comments on existing ones, members can also personalize their profile etc.

A web TV channel simple means a channel where you can watch videos and audios online. You can watch on a computer, TV, mobile devices, and tablets. The channel is created with google hangout where you can have live interactive conversations with people around the world. Google hangout enables you to connect with everyone and works perfectly on smartphones and tablets.

With google hangout we will be organising a series of interviews, presentations, lectures, conferences, seminars, and interactive sessions once in a week with prominent personalities around the world. The purpose of all this is to empower Nigerian students. The areas to be talk on includes career choice, employability, inspirational talks, politics, sports, entertainment, current affairs, business and lot more. Members on the platform can be able to watch these interviews or presentations live on their mobile phones, computers and TV and ask questions free by tweeting the question to our twitter account.

 Interview with nigerian musician Shola Emmanuel.


Ø  Opportunity to meet prominent personalities live via google hangout

Ø  Opportunity to ask questions after the interviews or presentations.

Ø  Opportunity to make new friends

Ø  The platform creates a richer learning environment for students

Ø  The platform will facilitate physical contact between members 

Ø  Students undertaking research can post their questionnaire to the platform for members to help them fill.

Ø  Access to valuable educational support and materials posted by other members

Ø  Facilitate intellectual discussions among members



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Gareth's CV

By: Garethreid

Gareth Reid

41 Mildred Street,

Salford, M7 2HG

Telephone: 07789649620


·      Final year TV & Radio student studying at the University of Salford Mediacity Campus

·      Excellent technical producer

·      Award-winning idents (SRA Gold)

·      Experienced in Sports, news and music radio production

·      Proven track record of working in a team to make the best content possible 

·      Exceptional time management skills, allowing multiple products to be completed to the highest possible standards



September 2012 to Present - Television and Radio at the University of Salford


·      Experience in all areas of media production

·      Specialized in radio production

·      Worked on my organizational skills to simultaneously complete several large tasks to high standard

·      Became highly skilled in all areas of radio production, including recording, editing and using the desk.

·      Gained skills in various areas of media production, including video and television production


October 2012 to Present - Shock Radio (student radio station, University of Salford)


·      Current station secretary  

·      Head of sport, academic year 2012 to 2013

·      Member of senior management team coordinating 14 hours of radio, 7 days a week

·      Coordinated, produced and presented outside broadcasts of key sporting events such as rugby league varsity match

·      Built upon, developed and utilized skills learnt from previous productions and experience including scheduling, management and technical production



October 2014 - Challenge Radio


·      All-day event that broadcast some of the biggest names in radio, such Chris North, Chris Warburton and Stuart Maconie

·      Completed set tasks in high pressure

·      Worked alongside industry professionals

·      Received extremely high feedback on my performance



October 2014 -Radio Festival

·      Checked delegates into the festival

·      Received good feedback back about performance

·      Allowed to see up close how the industry networked



Technical skills


·      Extremely proficient in Avid Protools, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects

·      A deep understanding of the P Squared Myriad playout system, including Autotrack




University of Salford

BA Television and Radio: 1st (Anticipated)


Northern Regional College Ballymena

Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production:           





I present a new music show for the student radio station I help manage.  This allows me to indulge my passion for music from a range of genres.  I am keen fan of various sports such as rugby union, football, cricket and American football.  I love cooking and the opportunities it provides to be creative





George Willis                                                  Caroline Cheetham

Shock Radio,                                                   University Of Salford,

University House,                                          MediaCityUK

The Crescent,                                                 Salford,

Salford,                                                           M50 2EQ

M5 4WT                                               

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Manmedia Ltd / Glasseye

Manmedia Ltd / Glasseye

By: Jakeclark

I got this work experience through Vincent Lewtas as he could not attend all the days that were on offer so Asif Hussain filled in for him and he texted me to get me the details of the director. I called the Director and he gave me a brief outline of what the day would entail. On this shoot at first I was running which included carrying the camera gear, tripods and making teas. However as the day went on I gained more trust and a better relationship with the Director Nigel Hoar. Because of this I was then slowly allowed to be on sound and be in charge of the GoPro setting up its shots, this escalated to me using the GoPro on a pole mount shooting what eventually was the final shot which they used for there production. On this project I learnt how vital it is to keep the talent happy and always be chatty and cheerful to keep them in a good mood! “The attitude of a runner is very important. It helps to be a sociable people person. If you don’t like being around different people or big groups of people then it might not be the job for you.” This was a extremely important thing as the weather on the day was poor, so making sure the talent were happy and more importantly warm was a key part of this day. Fortunately Nigel lived in the same area as me, therefore he gave me a lift there and back. This gave us some time to talk about different aspects of what its like to be working in the industry. Nigel said he was immensely happy with the way that I worked so much so that he wanted to take some time to write the feedback form, hand sign it and come round to my house to personally give it to me. I look forward to working with Nigel again. This work experience totalled as one day work experience.



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The Weird and Wonderful World of Field

The Weird and Wonderful World of Field

By: Jakeclark

For this work experience at ‘The weird and wonderful world of field’ I was a camera man on one of the four cameras. For this we used the Panasonic XP250’s, a benefit of using this camera is that I feel comfortable with using it because I have had quite a lot of experience using this equipment in the past. I got this work experience through Asif Hussain who happened to be the Director for this project. We had previously discussed that I would arrive halfway through the first day and then do the rest of the day with the other camera men as I had an early lecture that morning. However I think that this may have been miss communicated to the woman in charge as it comes across on my feed back form that I was late - which I wasn’t. The first location was in Manchester, the conference had many speakers, one key note speaker was Rt. Hon Jack Straw MP. We had to create a promotional video for them for the same conference next year. The Camera work was quite simple when we were filming in the main conference room however when we changed location and filmed some quick vox pop interviews at the after party we came across some issues. The room in downstairs in the Velvet Hotel was very low lit, if we were to do it again I would have brought a LED Dedo Felloni light with a soft box. This would have produced a better looking interview and would have taken the grain out of the image. This work experience totalled as three days. Two days on set and one day supervising the edit with Asif.

1418916588-screenshot20141218at15.27.14.png 1418916611-pioneersuite.jpg

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Almost Finished...

By: SophieStock

Sat waiting for my projects to export from Final Cut Pro. Just a couple more hours and I'll be done with everything practical for Christmas!

A few more tweaks here or there, a couple of YouTube uploads and then the projects, both good and bad, will be here for you to see!

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Work Experience with Chief Productions

By: SophieStock

It has been a very, very long week, but what an experience.

A whole week spent with Chief Productions has opened my eyes to the work that goes on behind the adverts we see every day; a true insight into things that university could not possibly teach us.

Observing the planning for industry size shoots is fascinating; So detailed, so busy, yet not actually that far off what we have to do for our course. Understandably there's a lot more to do on an industry size shoot, but I guess there is also a lot more people to do it. Therefore things go far more smoothly than a student run film could ever hope to. If I had a team of that many helping me organise my shoots, and get to and from location, I tell you I wouldn't have had half the problems that I faced just a week or so ago! But I'm a student, not in the industry... So I guess I will let that one go. 

But anyway, watching editors working on the new advert for We Buy Any Car was very surreal. To be behind the scenes of something we see every day in our homes. It's these little things that get taken forgranted. Adverts that barely even last 4 seconds before certain programmes, sometimes taking weeks to edit - It's really fascinating to watch.

My favourite day was today actually, because I got to witness the new Jacamo advert being shot. It was fascinating and I enjoyed every second I spent in there. It's truly mesmerizing to see such a large scale shoot taking place right before my eyes. Not to mention the amount of people there were on the set! Make up artists running up to the actors between takes, several groups of people at several different stations, all watching the take from different angles and such. It is honestly the sort of knowledge you can only gain from experience, and not a degree.

Funnily enough I really enjoyed the paper work side of my time there too. Filing and organising all the invoices and paper work for each job folder really gave me an insite into how production folders should REALLY look, compared to the ones I'm used to seeing at uni. In fact again they aren't far off, if anything I noticed that our folders at uni include MORE than the ones at Chief on occassions! 

Like I say, it really was amazing to experience everything from a new side - from inside the industry. And the people there were just so lovely! I do hope I get the opportunity to go back there again in the new year.

But for now, I need to focus on deadlines... 

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First Day with Chief in the Morning!

By: SophieStock

Tomorrow morning is my first day of work experience with Chief Productions!

I can't sleep thinking about it; a mix of nerves and excitement is overwhelming me. I have absolutely no idea what to expect, but I know the company work with many big names, and they're based close to University home (MediaCityUK) so I have no reason to be worried! The lady who has offered me the opportunity via email seems lovely too! 

I better catch some sleep before the morning anywho, I need to be feeling my best for my first day!

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Work Experience with Out There Events

By: SophieStock

So I have just arrived home from my work experience with the events company Out There Events.

I was involved in the event Mixology 14, which is an awards ceremony that Out There Events put on every year for their sister company Mix Interiors. I had a lovely night and felt very included amongst the team, which is always lovely when you are entering a room full of strangers. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of careers within events management that I had simply never noticed before. It's actually left me feeling quite excited for what the future could hold!

I was asked to help out in making sure that the event ran smoothly - that there were enough tables and chairs in the correct sections, and that all the guests knew where their allocated seats were. It required a lot of mingling which is always nerve racking to begin with, but I very quickly felt welcomed by even the crowd, and got to know a lot of high up people. 

I did plenty more that I shall hopefully tell about tomorrow, however I have to be up first thing for a meeting with another events group - The fresh Group. I have to make my way to their Cheadle Head Office for 10AM for a meeting with Michael McCabe, one of their creative directors, regarding potential work experience in the new year. And it's already so late in the evening... Wish me luck! 

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Editing the Beth Goodier Interview

By: SophieStock

I've just finished my first sitting of editing the interview filmed yesterday. The footage looks amazing and I'm so excited to get it all polished off. The basic cut edit is put together now, I just need to polish off the overlays, sound and credits. 

It's a shame because we have so many amazing answers from Beth, but the interview must be no longer than three and a half minutes so I have had to limit the information included. Hopefully I will get the time to make a new edit for Beth's personal benefits and to help her gain further awareness for KLS, but for now, my basic 3:20 edit for my Advanced Camera assignment will have to suffice.

Overall though, I'm very excited to show the final edit.

Watch this space!

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Out On Shoot Again!

By: SophieStock

So we were out on shoot again today, and luckily things went a little more smoothly than last week!

We were interviewing a girl called Bethany Goodier who suffers from a disease called KLS (Klein-Levin Syndrome). If you want to know what that is then you will have to watch the interview! Despite the troubles her disease gives her, she managed to turn up looking stunning, give us some brilliant answers over and over, and made the entire day an enjoyable and exciting adventure.

Not to mention that Beth was recently all over the news in a bid to gain awareness for KLS, including being on the BBC Breakfast show, and many big name tabloid news papers. So it truly was an honour. 

Although there is a lot of footage that has taken me an hour to copy to the computer (over 50GB to be more precise) I think that the edit will be quite short and sweet for this piece. Looking forward to that tomorrow!

(Sneak peak shot below...)

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Editing The Handover

By: SophieStock

The footage from yesterday's shoot isn't as pleasing as I would like it to have been. 

There are some fantastic shots, but there are also some very displeasing and out of focus shots. And as they say, sadly you are only as strong as your weakest link, and your films are only as good as your worst shots.

I can't wrap my head around what must have gone wrong, as I am such a perfectionist with checking the focus, although it would appear an auto focus setting must not have been turned off, and was therefore altering focus points in between shots. Oh well, we learn from our mistakes!

Other than that, the edit is coming together nicely. Looking forward to adding some cheesy, satire music to really ice the cake!


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On Shoot - The Handover

By: SophieStock

It's been a mad day of filming today!

We started bright and early, waking up to the first frost of the year today to make it in to Media City in time for the equipment store to open.

As ever, filming wasn't as smooth as it could be... But it's not a successful learning process unless something goes wrong! (and we wouldn't have wonderful catchphrases like "I love it when a plan comes together" unless things went wrong...).

Many mixed messages occured on location, causing lots of confusion for myself, the crew, and the staff at the office. All was overcome with a quick adjustment to our plans and we filmed our lift scenes at Media City due to a permissions problem. Luckily I preempted this and we filmed most of the lift shots before departing to the location this morning. 

It's been a long day, and now that all the footage has been logged and transfered into Final Cut, I am ready to call it a day and prepare myself for a long day of editing tomorrow.

Can't wait to have a look at some of the footage properly!


(Here's a sneaky peak at the behind the scenes photographs we took...!)

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Core Post

By: L.J.Aspin

Today I went for my final day at Core Post, a post production company who deal with a varied amount of editing projects from High end and Independant TV Companies. They just recently turned 1 as a business and have been gathering all their projects to make a show reel of their work, soon to be hosted for everyone to see. As part of my work experience there, they gave me all the footage they had to make their own original edit, and asked me to make another show reel of their work over the past year.

Though it took me longer than I anticipated to actually finish the 2 minute show reel, I wanted to create the best piece I could for a company I aspire to be a part of. Making sure I didn't miss anything exciting or beautiful that they have edited, dubbed, or graded, I went through every bit of footage available and even kept a log of what I could and couldn't use to get the best vibe for the company.

When the final piece was finished and I advised I was done, I spoke to the Technical Co-Ordinator who I had previously sat with to talk about ingest. He came and watched it and seemed very pleased. He even advised that he was going to show the managing director Matt Brown as it was good enough for them to use as a whole or taking chunks from it.

As I always make sure I do, I spoke to those that I could and appeared friendly at all times. In return for my work, and my time there, I left the building with a smile on my face as I was told I would be seeing them again 'Next Year'. So its looking promising that I am going to be asked back again. 

Brilliant news.

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Unearthing the MC Devvo Film

Unearthing the MC Devvo Film

By: tomdiffenthal

I've just unearthed some footage I took whilst performing a show up at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. My friend Kriss Foster and I befriended YouTube's original viral video success MC Devvo and got him involved in some web content we were creating. 

The video will tell the story of a day of Kriss Foster and MC Devvo hanging out, playing a game of Scrabble, a penalty shootout challenge and them performing a clean duet version of MC Devvo's big internet song hit "Donny Soldier" (3.5 million views).

During the penalty shootout we bumped into Jordan Stephens from Rizzle Kicks so Devvo got a photograph with him... You can spot Kriss photobombing it in the background.

It was a great day out and was really interesting to talk to someone who is successful on YouTube and understands the power of this modern day media platform. Fun times. 

1418839750-bvetuxliaaagzar.jpglarge.jpeg 1418839769-bvmrhyzicaa0jn.jpglarge.jpeg 1418839786-bvpxurfiaaalzef.jpglarge.jpeg

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Ideal World

By: isaacajones

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