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Pop Art Factory MCUK

Pop Art Factory MCUK

Pop Art Factory is a creative web application originally written by Alex Fenton as an MA Creative Technology project, but was set up at the Beatherder music and performance festival in 2009. The website allows people to log on, add their own pictures or photos and then choose various settings to create Pop Art images in the style of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein etc. Pop art is a visual art movement that emerged in the mid 1950s in Britain and is often characterized by themes drawn from popular culture. Anyone using Pop Art factory can instantly add their own pictures to create art work drawn from their own experiences of popular culture or to highlight topical issues.

Pop Art Factory MCUK will be set up at Creative Hive Live on 29 May 2012 but this time with a cross disciplinary team of creative people as follows:

Amy York – Photographer and Photoshopper from Salford Uni
Cindy Siukonen – Photographer and graphic designer from London
Danielle Smith – Creative writer Masters student at mcuk
Lauren Dunn – University graphic designer (available 2pm – 5pm)
Manny Vass – Contemporary and classical pianist and graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music

On the day, Amy and Cindy will capture photographs of the event including portraits, groups, architecture, installations etc.

These images will be passed to Danielle, Lauren and/or Cindy who will pop art these images in different styles (Warhol, Lichtenstein etc.) Using the pop art website and /or the pop art studio software set up on their laptops.

Danielle will write some flash fiction connected to the stories within the images and will pass this text to Lauren and/or Cindy.

Cindy and Lauren will assemble the flash fiction text and pop art images together using Illustrator and/or Photoshop and will collate these images into Powerpoint or similar.

At the end of the afternoon and evening, these images will be displayed on a high quality Christie Tile wall at the exhibition. Manny will weave some of his musical magic to accompany the revolving story images on the Christie tiles.

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