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So I have finally finished my university life. My final year project was a bit of a headache to do, as technical difficulties and other stuff made it ten times more problematic to finish, more so than I was hoping for. Never mind though, as it is now handed in and hopefully is done well enough to get me a decent grade to pass uni. The radio drama that I did for my final year project is now up in sound cloud so ill put in the link on my project page if anyone is interested in listening to a bit of amateur radio. Also I am planning to get the other bits of radio that I did over my second year of uni up there so look out for those links which hopefully will be up soon.

The programme is based on a short story called The Yellow Wallpaper. I descided to dramatise it as it has a very interesting storyline and the opportunites of bring that story to life were plenty. Many ideas on how to form it were had, some of which occur in the finished product.

I am wanting to re-write and re-do the programme, so that I can achieve the best from it. As with everything that is reflected on in hynsight, there are elements and pieces which I would like to change. That, though, may have to come at a later stage. Or maybe sooner than I imagine. You never know what the future holds.

So here's to the future, whatever that may bring. (This is sounding more and more like an awards speech! :D)


Comments and feedback on my project are most welcome.



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May 25, 2012 : alexfenton Says:

Well done Liz! Yeah,would be interested to hear your stuff on SoundCloud - its possible to add a link to your post or even embed your soundcloud track into your post using the source button - drop me a line if you need any help.

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