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The day began with a tweet from my good friend Paul Delooze tweeting to say he was on his way to MCUK as he was part of the Creative Hive Live event. I quickly replied asking if he'd like to get a coffee before hand as I was only round the corner. We went for coffee, had a catch up and Paul invited me to to attend the event as it was about networking. 

I joined him and spent the afternoon talking to people about the benefits of social media being used as an educational tool. As we are both studying BSc Professional Sound and Video technology (Paul being in his final year, myself about to start my final year in September) we can give a view from different angles giving first hand accunts of what life is like being a part of this exciting and forward thinking course.We both heavily endorse the use of social media and throughout the day, we have explained to quite a few people that in order for it to be successful, people need to be taught HOW to use it properly and not just to post drunken pictures of their nights out or pictures of cats doing funny things! 















We met some interesting people and hopefully people were interested in us. The event was a great opportunity to exhibit the university and also helped promote both the work we do on our course and ourselves as people.



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