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When student and curator of TEDxSalford Mishal Saeed approached me by email to ask for sponsorship for this my first instinct was to say no because I'm not really in the position to give work away. Her honesty and enthusiasm won me over so I agreed to do it after all.

The first picture is the site itself. Built on WordPress, I was responsible for advising on hosting and setting it up. Mishal wanted to use the Digitalis theme and with a little help from student Vlad Jiman I got it up and running. Theme features include the three columns with read more text you see below the Nivo slideshow.

The second one shows how I worked around the theme restrictions to create multiple galleries. Lightox is integral to the theme and it doesn't like us using other slideshow programs. We could have gone for a pro Flickr account and embedded their slideshow but due to budgetary constraints they decided against it. I made a table using WP-Tables Reloaded and hid some of the rows to avoid creating a tiled mosiac. I inserted thumnail images linked to bigger ones on the Flickr account and set to open in a new page. The lightbox picks them up and displays the bigger images as well as providing us with a manual slideshow. I can have as many of these as I want and in the end there will be five.

TEDxSalford TEDxSalford Gallery TEDxSalford on Facebook TEDxSalford on Twitter
TEDxSalford TEDxSalford Gallery TEDxSalford on Facebook TEDxSalford on Twitter

Mishal wanted a nice Facebook landing page. The package I offer for my clients involves my making a bespoke landing page on Facebook and Twitter. I may or may not be responsible for setting up the accounts myself; if there's one already I need to be given administrative access so I can customise them.

The Twitter account has seen some changes. I made a background image that mimics the one on the site with its split between swathes of black and white, and changed the link colour to the bright red of  the TEDxSalford logo.

I really love messing about with this stuff and am happy to help anyone who is having trouble with it.


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Oct 14, 2011 : alexfenton Says:

This is a really cracking job Wendy, well done. Great effort on the new Creative Hive space - I love what you've done with it. Couple of missing images on the post though - let me know if I can help.

Oct 14, 2011 : Wendy Says:

You can -- I don't know why they're missing. Is it because we're not supposed to use .pngs in the gallery? Is there a reason why the FB option won't link? What did I do wrong there?

Oct 14, 2011 : alexf Says:

Yeah,image bank accepts JPG not PNG at the mo Im afraid. I think I deliberately didnt link the FB just in case anything changed at the FB end.

Oct 14, 2011 : Wendy Says:

Okay, thanks. I'll upload some .jpgs later on. Thanks for making the featured image visible. This really is cool. I'll let you know when the templates are ready.

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