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One Direction Fangirl Invasion

Today I spotted a strange sight, involving lots of teenage girls dancing to One Direction in Piccadilly Gardens.

Read about it it here on my WordPress.

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Feb 25, 2012 : alexfenton Says:

Interesting story Steph. My little girl is 5 and she absolutely loves them. She had her 2 buddies round last week and they danced to thats what makes you beautiful at least 5 times on loop. I think 1D are doing something right. I think some further investigative journalism is required to get to the bottom of todays observations!

Feb 27, 2012 : StephThompson Says:

Thanks :). I found out from my 19-year-old One Direction obsessed friend (not quite as cute as small children dancing to it is it!) that they were all in Manchester because they had bought tickets for their live tour & then got together in Piccadilly Gardens afterwards for the fun of it! Their families and also some people who work for the band were filming it I think. There wasn't much said about it on FB/Twitter which is strange considering the size of their fanbase.

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