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Summer Assignment

Summer Assignment

Posted: Sep 02, 2011


For your summer pre-course assignment we would like you to explore the meaning of obsession, or what it is to become completely immersed/preoccupied with a particular idea, theme, activity or object. You are asked to select a subject and then find out absolutely everything that you possibly can surrounding this subject.

We expect you to research and explore every aspect of the subject that you have chosen to research. By this we mean the collection of materials relating to your theme, these will take on many forms but are likely to include all of the following:  

Objects, writing, music, moving image, websites, books, places, names, people associated with the theme, its uses, how it was made, why was it made, who created it, where can you see it, what your feelings are about it, your relationship with it.

In short, we want you to consider every aspect of your chosen subject.

 The subject that you choose does not have to be arts or teaching related it can be anything. Your choice must be carefully considered, if you choose a subject that is too broad you will end up being overwhelmed, similarly if you choose something that has very little in terms of research you will become frustrated at a lack of information – this is something that you must consider carefully. Also if you are travelling over the summer try and choose something that you can explore in a variety of places. Try not to be too obvious in your choice; for instance football teams are not allowed purely because they already create obsession via their marketing and will be too easy. Choose creatively.

Please include a variety of source materials, for instance a pile of internet searches does not constitute good research – these will be included of course, but do not rely entirely on these, visit libraries, museums, galleries or anywhere relevant to your subject. 

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