We review the Apple Visa Card

At Hive we are all about creativity – and Apple is known as the most creative company – well that is until Steve Jobs died. Whether his successor is up to the job is still up for debate here – however some think he is a genius just like his predecessor.

There are a number of innovations that have come out of Apple since Steve Jobs passed away – and one of those – besides the wireless head phones – is the Apple Visa Card.

There are a number of things to consider about the Apple Visa Card. The first is people’s initial scepticism to the idea – basically because it seem s- on the surface of it – to be a complete money grab. When you talk about Visa cards – or payment cards in general – credit cards that is – Apple is the last company you think of. They simply don’t have any connection to the credit card world – their credit policy in stores notwithstanding.

However on the other hand it does make sense on some levels – firstly most people have an iPhone which they use to purchase items through tap and go all ready – this is in the payment space – so why not move that to a full credit card experience. Also the card has some cool aspects that can be considered innovative.

For example there is no credit card number on the front of the card – something that in hindsight actually makes a lot of sense – you don’t want someone to have access to the numbers on your card if you were to accidentally misplace your wallet (which has actually happened to me recently).

The other is that the credit card comes with its own app – and everyone knows that being able to track how much you’re spending is extremely important. Who wouldn’t want to be able to categorise their expenses and be able to know how much they’re spending and to adjust their buying habits accordingly.

The Mastercard Apple card allows you to check everything in real time – in a slick app that comes with the card. We look forward to seeing how this project comes out as it is launched – here at the Hive we are big fans of new innovative projects – whether it comes at the ground level or the big corporate level.

In the mean time – don’t forget that affray nsw and money laundering and all kinds of legal hijinks can still happen. So be wary – and make sure you

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