bookmark_borderHow important is a person’s environment to their work performance?

Scientifically, it has been proven that when the work environment is constructive, it induces productivity. It makes employees confident and happier. Let us take a look at a few of the top ways to keep the work environment positive:

Hire the people who are positive

Being positive is an important skill to consider when hiring team members. People must be hired based upon their attitude. The interviewee’s personality gives certain cues. How do you feel in the person’s presence? Do they laugh, smile and value human relationships? Sad people tend to take away the motivation and productivity from a workplace.

Enhance your team

The prevailing team must work towards making the environment positive as well. As they feel like a team, they’d understand each others’ work and be more efficient.

Team bonding activities enhance the relationship amongst teams. Relaxing activities like an afternoon at the movies help. When you do something nice for the people, they are happier and stay closer to each other.

Selfish thinking helps on occasions

Each of the companies has its own competitors, targets and goals. It is hence important for the employees to be team players. As they strive to improve at a personal level, it brings in growth for the company.

It is hence important for employees to have personal career goals. Perks keep employees motivated and happier.

Communication should be top notch

Communication is important, at a business and personal level alike. Employees must greet each other and say hi. Managers must wave at interns even while they are busy. It must work both ways.

When you show your employees, that you care for them, their productivity stays higher. So take time out to make conversations.

Work upon the office space

In order to keep the office environment positive, clean and attractive spaces deliver the best of outcomes. Employees must have a choice at being comfortable while they work. The chairs should be comfortable. Similarly, the employees must have a choice at customizing their workstations.

Office lighting too renders an effect over employees’ attitude and their performance as well. While natural light boosts employees’ energy levels, most of the employees express there is no source of natural light in their office. Hence, windows are always preferable. Push and shining offices boost employee productivity and add to their delight. Go to – meet the new you.