bookmark_borderHow Slack became the go-to collaborative chat solution

While being merely over six years old, Slack is now among the all-time fastest growing SaaS companies. They got an excellent communication platform that simplifies bringing companies together. Email clutter faced by offices is done away with.

Achieving a 5 billion valuation within 5 years of operation is a remarkable feat. When they got started in August 2013, 8000 customers signed up within the first 24 hrs.

By February 2015, 10,000 active customers used to sign up weekly. Slack then used to have 135,000 paying customers, who were spread across 60,000 teams.

Further down the year, Slack had over a million daily active users. The competition they faced was strong, in the form of Facebook and HipChat, but the numbers have been strengthening since. They have a 70% market share in workstream collaboration and legendary status in the SaaS world.

A factor that initially worked in Slack’s favor was creating a platform at the right time, recognizing that the world’s workforce would love to overcome internal mails. Dropping messages in a channel boost transparency and enhances performance. People can communicate in real-time, and the need to cc emails is done away with.

Archives over Slack have search functionality that gives users easier access to what they are looking for. Conversations are synced in real-time across devices and file sharing is simple. One drags and drops images and files into chat messages.

While being a workhorse, slack induces a fun environment and the end-user experience stays to notch. Their branding is colorful, but slack is technically sound as well. They seamlessly collaborate with a range of apps such as Salesforce and streamline in-company communication further. Integrating related information is another one of the pros of using Slack.

Slack was good when they started, and the new features are again top class useful, flawless and efficient. As an example, they came up with threads, such that asynchronous conversations do not clog your channel. Dimocks Family Lawyers are at your support for a range of matters, including wills, estates and freight. Contact today.