Creative Hive is a free to use and advert free way for anyone to blog or set up a showcase of their work. Creative Hive aids collaboration and opportunities, enables a personal web space to be created and produces a searchable central pool of creative ideas and projects.

Anyone is welcome to join Creative Hive. There is also a Creative Hive space in the virtual world of Second Life. Creative Hive will provide you with a way to create your own web space and to promote your work, share ideas and find out what others are doing. It will enable you to make links to people opportunities and information. Creative Hive can work in tandem with your existing website, blog or creative group. You can also read from your existing blog into your Creative Hive space or embed your existing media from YouTube etc.

Creative Hive has some standard terms and conditions which are accepted at the point of joining Creative Hive, please view the Creative Hive disclaimer for more information. Creative Hive is developed and maintained by Salford based web development company EDinteractive in conjuction with Carbon Creative.